The anger festers so far down
that I fear I cannot pull it back out of me.
What have I done? How much have you neglected?
I want you to understand every resentful thought
that tramples through my head.
Why couldn’t you be the mind reader I need you to be?
Put down your damn phone. Shut that laptop.
Give me the attention you distribute to the entire world
but never to me.
Hear me the hell out.
What makes my voice less deserving of your precious time?

Rooms filled with us,
yet the silence depletes these spaces of love.
Raised voices on the verge of breaking,
eyes on the brink of revealing our fragile, worthless egos.
Is this what we have come to?

I fall asleep furious. You remain confused.
Who will be the brave savior to put us back together?
Is it too late to become who we once were?


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