My book is now available for purchase!

After years of writing and months of working through this project, I’m beyond excited to announce that my book, ‘Mourning Departures’, the first volume in the ‘Into the Wildfire’ series, is now available for purchase on Amazon and Createspace!

Identity is not discovered, it is shaped through experiences of joy, fear, insecurity, anxiety, hardship, relief, compassion, conviction, and a hunger to truly understand those around us. ‘Into the Wildfire’ is a series that reflects upon these evolving stages through four themes – abandonment, loneliness, recovery, and empowerment.

‘Mourning Departures’ is a self-explanatory compilation that acknowledges those who did not stay, those who made an impact whether they intended to or not, and those who teach us that a person’s presence does not need to last forever in order to mean something. While it is simultaneously terrifying and thrilling to share my poetry with the world, I hope that the series provides a sigh of relief to those in need of it.


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