Suffocated, I am trapped within
everything you want me to be.
Spellbound, I am determined
to change myself until
no one can recognize my outline
in the horizon anymore.

You are editing me too easily,
and I am so entangled within your influence
that my voice has lost its way.

This ends now.
I will regain my stance if it takes
every atom of power within me.

My footing is not yours to trip.
My words are not yours to censor.


One thought on “#2206

  1. Just based on sheer numbers and brevity, you may be interested in the 1000 postcard project I’m doing. Sorry the theme is so inconvenient to navigate, the site is brand new, so that will change shortly. poeticpostcards.wordpress.com
    252nd Card

    Happily they went about their
    business. Each one took the
    others to hand, and told them
    in turn: “This above That,
    but only when Other. Not
    between Who, but only if
    Sad. When without Whistles
    but lightly with Care. Some
    before They and only
    if Wise. Trouble not Taken
    but Weathered and Weasely.
    Some are for Bubbles and
    _________________________ only if Cat.”

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