Depletion is an
understatement of
extraordinary proportions.

You gave and gave, while
he stole away your softness.
He is at the bottom of
the river now, scratching
at your surface, not realizing
that there is nothing left
for him to take.


One thought on “#1669

  1. Noor, my first thought after reading this was “I love this one.” I am a poet and a teacher, so I always read poetry as a critic. One of the unfortunate things about spending 8 years to get an MA in English is you never quite get to enjoy just reading something. I love the ideas in this poem. I am only going to throw a few words in for consideration. I think “scrape” instead of steal would address two issues. “You” is giving, so he doesn’t need to steal. The word scrape sounds delicious with the word “scratching.” That’s all for now as I am holding a wriggling six-month old who needs his diaper changed. I love this poem.

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